Edoardo Di Porto

I am an applied economist,


Associate Professor - University of Naples Federico II

Department of Economics and Statistics (DISES). 


I am currently on leave to work as Public Manager at INPS-Direzione Centrale Studi e Ricerche. Among my duties I manage the

VisitINPS scholars project


I am a CSEF Fellow - University of Naples Federico II, Naples.

I am also affiliated to UCFS, Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden.


My research is focused on Public Economics, Labour Economics and Applied Econometrics.


I am an expert of public policy evaluation with administrative data.


I've worked on:

Tax compliance, Tax incidence, Optimal Auditing Strategies, Local Public Finance and Economics of Migration,


I am working on:

Sickness Leave Monitoring, The long lasting effects of WWII on health and labour market, the relation between alternative work arrangements and shadow economy. 


You can find some of my works by clicking on Research.


You can also find my Curriculum Vitae by clicking on CV.